Gastprofessor Attila Massimiliano Tanzi


Prof. Tanzi hält im Wintersemester 2018/2019 eine Lehrveranstaltung mit dem Titel „ Environmental Law Aspects of International Disputes“ an der Universität Wien ab.

The course will be primarily focused on the multi-faceted dimension of environment-related international disputes. To that end, the course will address the different bodies of international law, the different dispute settlement mechanisms and the different subjects and jurisdictions which pertain to conflicts of interests on the right to a healthy environment and to the equitable and reasonable allocation, utilization and protection of natural resources.

The course will first illustrate the main normative features of international environmental law and the rights and obligations stemming therefrom, whose interpretation and application may give rise to international disputes. Special attention will be devoted to the inter-State dimension of potential environment-related disputes, as well as the human right dimension of breaches of environmental law. The distinction between State responsibility, State liability and compliance review mechanisms will be illustrated.

The course will also illustrate the trend shifting the State responsibility dimension for activities carried out by private economic entities to the domestic liability dimension in a transboundary judicial context.

030512 KU Environmental Law Aspects of International Disputes
(12—16 November 2018 and 14—18 January 2019)