Distinguished Lecture Series


Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Ann Black, BA LLM (University of Queensland, TC Beirne School of Law) spricht zum Thema „Islam, Sharia and Politics in Southeast Asia: the role of the law to transform society“

Zum Thema:
This month Malaysia's nine sultans issued a statement in which they collectively condemned political actions taken in the name of Islam and expressed concern over rising ethno-religious polarization & intolerance. This stance from the nation's constitutional guardians of Islam is unprecedented but it highlights concerns across all of Southeast Asia that Islam is being captured and used for political purposes. The rationale of Sharia compliance has been employed to silence critics and to allow textualist or fundamentalist interpretations of Islam to dominate over the moderate views for which this vibrant and pluralistic region had been previously known.

Although Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia are a long way from Austria what happens in Southeast Asia is important. Not only because Southeast Asia is home to the world's largest number of Muslims but because it has traditionally been a model for democracy, moderate views and tolerance. Yet with the growth of Islamist political parties, the increasing use of blasphemy, apostasy & morality laws, the promotion hudud and Sharia criminal laws, and reversion to more patriarchal interpretations of Sharia family law,  Southeast Asia is changing. And law is the main vehicle by which the transformation is occurring.


Freitag, 17. November 2017

12:30 Uhr pünktlich (45 min Vortrag, 30 min Diskussion)

Sushi  & Co während der Veranstaltung

Seminarraum, 2.Stock, Schenkenstraße 4, 1010 Wien
(Vorsicht: nicht Nr. 8, sondern das Haus am Ende der Straße wo sich das Strafrechtsinstitut befindet. Der Raum ist beschildert.)

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