Somewhere beyond the Rainbow? Human rights and LGBTIQ


The situation of LGBTIQ is desperate in many countries and constitutes a bone of contention in the human rights discourse. In an increasing number of states, homosexuals have the right to marry, to jointly adopt children as parents, and they are protected by anti-discrimination law.

Transsexuals may freely decide upon their gender identity and change their sex, change their gender identity and also enjoy protection against discrimination, as increasingly do intersexuals. Queer and gender studies, though under attack, have become part of the curriculum at many universities. In contrast, LGBTIQ suffer from persecution in other states, e.g. they might face severe sentences of imprisonment even for cross-dressing and the imposition of death penalty for homosexual activities under buggery and sodomy law is possible in at least eight states.

The symposium will address the human rights situation of LGBTIQ from the international, European and national perspectives by bringing together legal experts and practitioners. The speeches will be held in English, the panel discussion will be held in German (no translation).