Guest Lecture by Professor Miriam A. Cherry


"People Analytics and the Gamification of Work": Leading technology companies such as Google and IBM have recently started experimenting with “people analytics,” a new big data approach to human resources management.

Datum: 14.06.2018 17 Uhr

Ort: Juridicum (Seminarraum 31)

Data may help firms determine which candidates to hire, how to help workers improve job performance, and how to predict when an employee might quit or should be fired. Recently, computer games and quizzes have been proposed as a way to gather data about job candidates. 

The argument in favor of these games is that it could result in an increase in merit-based hiring. On the other hand users are not sure of the inputs, the measures, or how their actions in a game or quiz will affect their scores. The information gathered and what the apps will do with the information is difficult to discern.

In her talk, Professor Cherry will discuss people analytics and gamification, analyzing the legal, ethical, and privacy issues that arise in this new setting.