Women in Law Conference


The Women in Law Initiative connects female* legal professionals (and their male* allies) from all around the globe, organizes international conferences, and presents the annual Justitia Awards.

Kick-off events

  • Young voices panel
  • The future is female – how will the next generation of women* in law shape the legal professions? 
  • Reducing the gender pay gap
    Why should the legal professions care? How is economic gender disparity hurting the legal professions?

4 Conference Tracks

  1. Women’s rights are human rights
    The importance of international treaties for the protection and global advancement of women with a special focus on the Istanbul Convention and CEDAW
  2. New work
    digitization, automation, AI, work-life-blending, collaboration, remote work, agility – Quo Vadis, (women* in the) legal professions?
  3. Microaggressions and micro discrimination
    Eliminating microaggressions as a way to achieve gender equality in the legal professions
  4. Remaining at the top
    They have shattered glass ceilings, overcome bias, and put in more work and hours than everyone else to reach their goals. Now, how do these women at the top defend and hold their well-earned positions? 

From theory to practice in each track

  • Introductory lecture (keynote) and panel input by experts  
  • Interactive learning & best practice workshop

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